Sunday 19th August – Suffolk to Oxford to Poole to Jersey

Set off from Hadleigh Heath and careful drive to Oxford to drop Benjamin off then down to Poole harbour to meet Condor Ferries.

Condor had given me a special freight rate to bring the ‘plane back .. Well done Condor .. Thanks !

Long crossing back and lots of fog slowed us down mid channel and getting into Jersey where viz had dropped to about 10 feet !

Loading at Little Snoring – Saturday 18th August

Having arrived at Poole from Jersey on the sea cat late Friday, stayed in Oxford overnight with my son Benjamin, we set off  about 5:30 to head for Little Snoring. Norfolk looked lovely this early in the morning !

Managed to arrive at the wrong side of the airfield so double back and pull in through gates to meet Paul and Ivor from TLAC.

First sight of my fast build kit awaiting packing in the hangar .. Lots of neatly packed boxes and an excellent orgainsed checklist from Ivor.

Body would have to split just behind cabane strut to fit very snugly into the Renault Traffoc long wheelbase van. Paul cleverly cut a wood palette to make a temporary internal shelf to stack boxes and wings.

Well done boys ! Paul, Benjamin and Ivor after our little shoe horning exercise – include the now world famous (available at an outlet near you for Christmas) Paul Renault Traffic Sherwood Shelving system !!

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