My name is David Brown … I lived and worked in the UK until around 33 years ago before moving to Jesey for a two year secondment .. Still living here !

Having learned to fly in Ipswich and taken over 3 years to do it due to pressure of work a very long commute to London and back each day (4 hours of my life lost each day !) and finances … I flew mainly Cessna 150’s and 172’s

Relocating to Jersey moved me on to PA28’s and some much more interesting flying.

Then, many years ago, my wife kindly bid for a raffle prize flight in a 1930’s vintage Stampe owned by Captain John Graham. This got me very much into flying biplanes and I was very fortunate to be able to arrange to fly G-AYCK for 5 years. This included flights to Coventry for Mike Colletts 50’s airshow and an infamous trip in fog to Belgium (from Jersey) for a mass fly in and formation air display. It was John’s brother Captain Greg Graham who taught me to land her properly.

When ‘CK was sold I was definitely missing some ‘proper’ flying and so looked around for a suitable affordable plane to buy or build.

Hence the Sherwood …..

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  1. Hello David.
    I am watching your build progress with great interest. I have started to take a closer look at the Sherwood Ranger. Managed to have a good look at one, and a good chat with the TLAC crew, at The Flying Show last month. Will be going to have a look around the factory and arrange to fly one in 2015.
    Keep up the good work.

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