Wiring turnbuckles

Started wiring these up and trashed the first few as they looked so awful !

Def something to work on and refine …


The first one … Nearer .. Was just awful ! but felt I should print it .. To show progression .. I hope !

the rear is half done and looking tighter


image  image

Using a double loop design in one of Graham’s American GA manuals … Although slightly more complex the 2 wires run in opposite directions and then tie over each other, lopping through the turnbuckle …

Need to work out a better ending … The book wasn’t clear so I simply did a normal tight twist but then I am left with an ‘end’ ! Definitely not going anywhere but you want it neat and tidy as well 😄

Not forgetting ailerons




Added the underwing reg the other evening … Fun and games trying to do it in one piece single handed so cut into pairs of letters having marked the standard distance back from the leading edge for lining up


image  image



Weight and balance

Slight hold up as my weight and balance figures go into the LAA …

Hands up … I measured the distance from the datum pint (centre of the mainspar) to the Tailwheel as a ‘sort of engineering’ distance NOT a related ‘weight and balance’ distance doh !

Had Paul thinking I had made the shortest Sherwood !!

I measured to the centre of the Tailwheel stern mounting post When I should have measured to the point that the weight is centred in ie the centre of the axle !

All figures looking better now BUT ….

The LAA are not keen on my additional 3kg weight mounted in the tail and have expressed a preference to move the battery to the tail. Good job I left the starboard side off !

Second battery tray ordered as would be a bit invasive to remove the first .. Besides .. As my engineer colleague Graham pointed out .. Leave the front tray in as it has the solenoid mounted to it and then simply run one power cable from the back to it … All other wiring apart from one dedicated earth remain in situ !


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