Preparing for transit flight

So this last weekend was pretty full on flying but also getting her ready for the transit flight back across the channel to the U.K.

The jury struts are quite key if you plan to store with the wings folded so I need to get them across with me. Toyed with fixing them inside the fuselage somewhere but you hear of too many accidents where people have had things come loose and jam the controls … even a AAA battery could ruin your day !

So .. it may look odd ..and certainly doesn’t aid the aerodynamics BUT .. it worked .. a treat .. zero movement … both front and rear fitting to cabane structure .. two diagonally opposed cable ties and one above to prevent any sliding upwards … max speed would be about 60 so it’s not a problem

Biggest problem was getting in the cockpit and lifting my legs fully over the now wider access point ! By the end of the day that was getting harder !

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