Cooling planning

Whilst the windy weather has held further testing back I have had chance to share some pictures of my cowling and front end intakes with Paul HS at TLAC.

The upshot is that my original design for the oil cooler housing underneath was not sufficiently shrouded to force the air through the cooler matrix.

The  setting I had in place left the passing air too much option to simply go by the side or over the top of the matrix !

Have now made two significant changes

  • Add shaped deflectors and shrouds on the front of the matrix
  • Move the matrix back 2 inches
  • Put rear turbulator strips on the rear of the oil cooler tunnel

ok …must learn to count .. That’s 3 things !


The setting back of the cooler provided a nice stepped inlet to focus the airflow


The deflectors have been added .. One each side and a larger on top. These have been cleco’d for now so that I can test them in flight before securing with rivets



The rear turbulator strip encompassed two sides and the Lower edge and present about a 1″ face to the airflow and so should create a reasonable back pressure and support the ram air by introducing a suck from the rear …

Testing due this week and should be proven in two circuits !

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