I was putting the aircraft registration into Google the other evening and found a load of random shots .. some mine but many weren’t… really nice photos that people had taken

A bit of maintenance

Whilst awaiting the return of my leg with a new rubber bungee it’s good to take the time to get the bugs out from inside the wing and grease up parts.

The wing inspection panels come off in about 2 mins and you can then get to the lower aileron bell crank (the bit of metal that turns the latitudinal push pull into a longitudinal push pull and makes the ailerons bank the aircraft so smoothly)

Also .. to get all the old grease removed from the wing and rudder hinges .. cleaned down and fresh grease applied

Bungee – further checks

So … the ongoing checks of my bungee that slipped off …

It turns out that, having sent the whole leg back to the factory, they have checked against a brand new bungee rubber … and ..

The effect of getting soaked in baby oil is that the rubbers have expanded … each strand is now fatter and longer !

The net effect is it simply had room to move …

I’m now going to condemn the other main gear bungee and work out a design to effectively seal the bungee from any moisture ingress but also allow movement

I will also do the same on the tailwheel bungee

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