Strip flying in and out

So … learnings from the flight from glorious titled Little Snoring and back over last couple of days…

  • Boy you get used to caring helpful ATC staff and feel a bit lost without them when taxying around for take off in small grass strips
  • Small remote strips have more wildlife on them than the local zoo !
  • Lifting off into what are basically huge playgrounds for C130, Stratotankers , F15, Ospreys, Apache etc keeps you on your toes
  • Done about 5 MATZ Penetrations in 48 hours vs 2 in the last 30 years
  • Farnborough N extends a good way up Norfolk and are a good option when Benson have locked the door and gone home and you are asking for a direct through their overhead … which you can’t have as the ATZ stays active EVEN when they are closed due to helimeds
  • Equally … if you are a little low and IOW is blocking your comms to Southampton .. Bournemouth are great at pre empting and SAM overhead transit
  • SkyDemon is just and always will be the BEST especially when you are going new routes
  • Lakenheath are super laid back and helpful but really after 1700 on a Friday .. clearly burger night is calling 😊
  • Lakenheath can give you MATZ pen through themselves and Mildenhall … but don’t assume that covers Marham … which I did … then thought 5 miles out I would just check …. and yep it doesn’t cover them but Marham was closed anyway
  • SkyDemon gives you a hugely long straight in fan for my little hare covered strip …
  • Do all your blind calls when approaching your quiet home strip … just on touchdown a beautiful big bright blue air balloon lifted off
  • Taxi back around the hares, pheasants, and seagulls 😉
  • So so so much fun
  • oh … then on the drive home …. Shxt …. no ATC to auto close the flight plan.. literally NO ONE knows u have landed … well apart from some wildlife and ballon man …. call Jersey ATC and lovely chat with Jo who kindly did it for me … Note to self … close with Norwich before touchdown next time

Always stuff to add to your skills …

Safe flying all …. and anyone up this way .. please feel free to get in touch ❤️

BIG distance to unload 😀
Usual Brown ‘small’ load

Little Snoring – First UK flight since move May 2021

Through the great help of Paul Hendry Smith of TLAC and the kind permission of Rob Hunter I am now able to use G-SOOT .. a PA28-180 for the wonderful Little Snoring

Today was the first flight in ‘OT to familiarise with both the aircraft and the local area

Exploring towards the Wash and the North Norfolk coast … avoiding the numerous bird sanctuary’s

And back to a few practice circuits … seagulls … a pheasant .. and even a Hare … great countryside 😊

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