Strip flying in and out

So … learnings from the flight from glorious titled Little Snoring and back over last couple of days…

  • Boy you get used to caring helpful ATC staff and feel a bit lost without them when taxying around for take off in small grass strips
  • Small remote strips have more wildlife on them than the local zoo !
  • Lifting off into what are basically huge playgrounds for C130, Stratotankers , F15, Ospreys, Apache etc keeps you on your toes
  • Done about 5 MATZ Penetrations in 48 hours vs 2 in the last 30 years
  • Farnborough N extends a good way up Norfolk and are a good option when Benson have locked the door and gone home and you are asking for a direct through their overhead … which you can’t have as the ATZ stays active EVEN when they are closed due to helimeds
  • Equally … if you are a little low and IOW is blocking your comms to Southampton .. Bournemouth are great at pre empting and SAM overhead transit
  • SkyDemon is just and always will be the BEST especially when you are going new routes
  • Lakenheath are super laid back and helpful but really after 1700 on a Friday .. clearly burger night is calling 😊
  • Lakenheath can give you MATZ pen through themselves and Mildenhall … but don’t assume that covers Marham … which I did … then thought 5 miles out I would just check …. and yep it doesn’t cover them but Marham was closed anyway
  • SkyDemon gives you a hugely long straight in fan for my little hare covered strip …
  • Do all your blind calls when approaching your quiet home strip … just on touchdown a beautiful big bright blue air balloon lifted off
  • Taxi back around the hares, pheasants, and seagulls 😉
  • So so so much fun
  • oh … then on the drive home …. Shxt …. no ATC to auto close the flight plan.. literally NO ONE knows u have landed … well apart from some wildlife and ballon man …. call Jersey ATC and lovely chat with Jo who kindly did it for me … Note to self … close with Norwich before touchdown next time

Always stuff to add to your skills …

Safe flying all …. and anyone up this way .. please feel free to get in touch ❤️

BIG distance to unload 😀
Usual Brown ‘small’ load

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  1. That’s a lot of ATC and rules for a poor weedhopping yank .. here we simply go to the airport and fly. If VFR, no need to talk to anyone if no one is around.

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