Rigging .. 3 years on

As the weather outside is around 26 gusting 40 something it seems a good time to get some maintenance a and checks done.

After rigging 18 rigging wires on the ‘plane a number of years ago I was not quite happy with one of the flying wires as opposed to landing wires on the wing .. by the time I tightened everything up to meet the 3 degrees lower wing dihedral one of the turnbuckles was just at its limit… it was fine but would not give me any real adjustment options should they be required.

Well, 3 years on … and checking the dihedral and incident boards and it remains spot on… but I still felt the need to replace that one wire …

Aircraft was put into the flying position and tethered and tressled to stop it tipping up on its nose

Get the tools ready… and cable and ferrules and thimble

Including incidence and dihedral boards

Then set to work gaining access … to discover I had added the access ring below but not cut it open .. nor added a second to allow two hands in to manage nuts around the main spar

Crimping done and making sure everything is threaded onto the cable in sequence … guess who ran out of black large heat shrink !

Be careful to thread and cut the correct (old) cable

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