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Hello all

I was looking at the site access statistics today and it looks like a lot are still reading the site which is nice …

I saw that someone had looked at the wing covering post and re read it myself and realized that I hadn’t written it particularly clearly – so took the opportunity to re write

If anyone reads anything and thinks – I would like a bit more detailed explanation then please please feel free to just pop a reply 😉 be delighted to review and update for the benefit of others



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More haste … less speed …

ok .. collated all the paperwork and forms and brought all the figures together and submitted my honest replies and figures

What I failed to spot was that my CHT figures from my 3 min test climb were fractionally over the max that Jabiru stated.

Jon, from the LAA responded pretty quickly and noted that I would need to retest that section. So it’s a double check of the connectors – still think I may be suffering from some  not very good quality crimping tools on some of the fittings. Now I have a much better crimper that applies an even crimp pressure over the whole ‘body’ of any given electrical component and am slowly working through re crimping and heat shrinking everything

The other bit that will affect climb performance AND associated grunt is the fact that I made a conscious decision to leave the wing roots off all wings – so that I could inspect the wing fixing pegs throughout early testing.

Chatting with my good old pilot friend Chris Winch it was obvious that leaving a 3-4 inch gap from leading edge to trailing edge at the root of all 4 wings will NOT do a lot for maintaining high pressure under the wing ! And so means I need to keep power high to get the associated lift rate …

Wing roots now being finalized and look v nice and this WILL make a big difference

Just need to re submit an updated LAA worksheet to Jon and then request a flying extension for Test Certificate and hopefully get cooler faster climbs

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