Stampe SV4C – Taxi after Antwerp flight

After a long a busy and hectic couple of days flying from Jersey to Antwerp for my first massive formation flight … I was taxiing the short distance from the aero club to Aviation Beauport .. do I look knackered or what

Yes .. it was chocked on startup …

Guernsey exempted flight for Horse Chiropractor

Having gone through all the permission and exemption paperwork to allow an inter island flight during Covid … we eventually got approval late in the Saturday evening for the flight. Paperwork and flight plans done whilst eating a meal at the local Indian restaurant ! We lined up at just before 8am Sunday morning

Jersey was using runway 08 but 26 favours a more direct flight to Guernsey and ATC kindly let me hold at 26 threshold as they cleared a small exec jet off 08

Having been cleared and the stop bar lights went out I taxied forward and then the lights illuminated again before I crossed .. slammed brakes on and stopped but it was ok and he tower apologised and said ok to go .. turning lights off again … good to keep on your toes .. always

I usually get the option for nice tight circuits at Jersey .. but they know me and we have grown together .. so they know how the aircraft behaves and how it can handle much tighter base turns … Guernsey cleared me to join right base 09 and so took the opportunity to do a ‘normal’ Sherwood approach …

Having landed and taxied up the short taxiway we were followed by the crash vehicle .. maybe some form of additional security .. with heightened local restrictions … we were probably the first landing that day at just after 0830…

Taxied up to ASG handling agent to be batted in by local guy and then met by 2 customers officials with entry forms … gendecs were already posted the previous day. The customs guy ended up taking a photo of the aircraft as they weren’t expecting such a ‘plane !!

This video also shows Jo expertly getting out of the close front cockpit with great dexterity ! … standard HUG for all new passengers

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