Evening flying

So Will .. no 2 son .. had been saying it would be nice to get out and do some evening flying when the sun was going down …

Eventually .. one evening .. we had the chance to get her pulled out and ready just after 20:00 and the sun was just starting to head to the horizon and drop into the beautifully flat sea

We called up for pre taxi clearance and asked for a bad weather circuit first .. to try to get one squeezed in before the sun dipped … Jersey ATC are really really helpful and will bend over backwards to try to get me into a nice close bad weather circuit if they can .. if it doesn’t work out I always make it clear that I will happily pull away and or it or simply go out and wide into a normal circuit.. the mutual acceptance works so well and they understand the speed and manaouveability of the Sherwood well now so slotting in and around and in front and behind of much bigger faster jet or turbo traffic is really very neat.

The first bad weather circuit .. on go pro .. gave me one of my nicest stills fro it with the banking turn that Will performed caught beautifully against the setting sun.

The whole movie footage shows the Sherwood lines really nicely as the sun catches the various angles and tips ..

Film footage here


100th landing up !

A nice landmark … 100th landing came up

A cloudy bleak looking day with low broken cloud …

Jersey ATC were stupendously helpful and tried their best to slot me in between a busy Saturday lunchtime sequence of arrivals and departures .. quite a few A320 Airbuses and wake turbulence avoiding

I did get a ‘Land and Stop’ request … which, to be honest, is not something I had heard before ! … so, on short final I asked if they wanted me back to the threshold and was advised no .. clearer touch and go …

I chatted with someone after this and we realised that ATC were making sure I had good timing separation from the preceding jet … I hadn’t realised I would have been inside the 3 minute departure window .. so could have landed, taken off and then flown into a whole load of wash at around 300’ … Good call tower !

(Land and stop would have been simply land and wait on the runway for the vortex to clear and then full power)

Some nice tight circuits and close bad weather circuits meant I could squeeze in a few every Few minutes

Nearly lost another cap by looking sideways and then leaning back in the banked turn and the peak just clipped the slipstream ! .. managed to arrive next to me inside the aircraft !


Photo from a friend on the ground

A colleague at work (David Buesnel) said he had seen me flying the other day and had taken some photos from the ground at one of the turning points in the standard right hand circuit off runway 08 .. Noirmont

At this point you can do some nice banked turns to turn onto downwind ..

Looks like it has retracts ! .. also looks like I am just unwinding the right turn with the ailerons indicating a left turn initiated …

Long overdue wash down

May 9th and our brief 48 hour session of wall to wall sunshine and gentle winds evaporated and went back to a good old Jersey pea souper … BKN below 200 in the morning and didn’t really lift much all day.

Decided to pull her out of the hanger and get a good wash down, using the TLAC soapy bottle which really helps get a sheen when dried off.

It was about 7:30pm and the bubbles and bits were going well and at around 8:00pm started to hose off the bubbles. Also managed to get the streak of muddy bits from the underside that had inevitably spun up from all those landings.

I had leathered most of the water off when suddenly there was a break in the cloud and the sun beamed through .. albeit a very much setting sun !

Dried off as much as I could and called the tower for a “quick circuit” … 10 minutes later .. nicely warmed oil and lifted off into a brilliant dazzling sunset …

Pulled some lovely wing overs and headed off downwind and was asked if I could keep it tight and fast (a relative term !) and they would squeeze me in ahead of 2 Airbus 320’s …I had been debating doing one or two circuits so this made the decision easy … “Happy to stay in the bay” .. St Aubins bay is a useful holding area but quite close to the centreline so can set off inbound TCAS so each inbound has to be advised of me holding.

The Easyjet and then the BA landed so I ended up making my last hold as close as I could to a tight ish left base … as I trundled in the tower said it wasn’t going to work as the next Airbus was now only on a 5 mile final … hey great …. more whizzing around the bay … loads of tight orbits with the sun successively in front then behind then under then over ….

Another Airbus came in and then an inter island ATR came in low from the North from Guernsey ..

By now .. my “quick circuit” was approaching 40mins and it was pretty cold .. the sun was now well down and the tower had turned the approach lights on .. runway 26

As it was an ATR I had to have a 5 mile spacing for vortex wake turbulence .. so just eased right back to 50 and drifted slowly towards a shortish final

As I rounded I realised how dark it was and how cold it was 😊 .. wings folded and away safe and sound … nearly a night landing ha ha

95th landing …. and nice trim check

Finally have some good weather and I’m not working all the hours in the world ….

Managed a normal full size circuit .. a round the island and then another circuit … 1 hour exactly


1.20 into this I checke the current trim post my aileron hinge replacement .. trim is fine


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