Evening flying

So Will .. no 2 son .. had been saying it would be nice to get out and do some evening flying when the sun was going down …

Eventually .. one evening .. we had the chance to get her pulled out and ready just after 20:00 and the sun was just starting to head to the horizon and drop into the beautifully flat sea

We called up for pre taxi clearance and asked for a bad weather circuit first .. to try to get one squeezed in before the sun dipped … Jersey ATC are really really helpful and will bend over backwards to try to get me into a nice close bad weather circuit if they can .. if it doesn’t work out I always make it clear that I will happily pull away and or it or simply go out and wide into a normal circuit.. the mutual acceptance works so well and they understand the speed and manaouveability of the Sherwood well now so slotting in and around and in front and behind of much bigger faster jet or turbo traffic is really very neat.

The first bad weather circuit .. on go pro .. gave me one of my nicest stills fro it with the banking turn that Will performed caught beautifully against the setting sun.

The whole movie footage shows the Sherwood lines really nicely as the sun catches the various angles and tips ..

Film footage here


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