100th landing up !

A nice landmark … 100th landing came up

A cloudy bleak looking day with low broken cloud …

Jersey ATC were stupendously helpful and tried their best to slot me in between a busy Saturday lunchtime sequence of arrivals and departures .. quite a few A320 Airbuses and wake turbulence avoiding

I did get a ‘Land and Stop’ request … which, to be honest, is not something I had heard before ! … so, on short final I asked if they wanted me back to the threshold and was advised no .. clearer touch and go …

I chatted with someone after this and we realised that ATC were making sure I had good timing separation from the preceding jet … I hadn’t realised I would have been inside the 3 minute departure window .. so could have landed, taken off and then flown into a whole load of wash at around 300’ … Good call tower !

(Land and stop would have been simply land and wait on the runway for the vortex to clear and then full power)

Some nice tight circuits and close bad weather circuits meant I could squeeze in a few every Few minutes

Nearly lost another cap by looking sideways and then leaning back in the banked turn and the peak just clipped the slipstream ! .. managed to arrive next to me inside the aircraft !


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