Throttle levers and Links

Moved from the tail end this weekend to start work on the cockpit area.

The first step is to shape and fit throttle support brackets and then start to locate these on the left hand side.

Lay out parts of the throttle linkages before assembly

throttle parts

This picture below shows after initial (first fit) … with bolts securing top two positions … one of these is changed to use a knurled stiffener top which is provided with the kit

Throttle 2

Port Elevator

Having prepared the ribs and set the elevator spar in place the trailing edge cap is profiled to fit around elevator spar then fitted to secure inboard edge.

The trailing edge is fed though the outer edge hole and pulled in to fit rib lenghts.

The inboard rib is plated and drilled and cleco’d then the trailing edge is pulled in again to aign the outer rib.elevator rear elevator under

Disassemble port tailplane for de burring

Once fully setup and aligned with clecos you need to dismantle to remove the large amount of burr that has built up from all the drilling. This is also the time to get thinned waxoyl into the leading and trailing edge and also get all those hidden joints etch primed.

Note all existing bracket plates were marked with letters to help reassembly .. Ie A , B , C etc

Also, took the option to drill out both innner mounting holes to 4.8mm so that they have two bolts in place of one bolt, one rivet.

Finished port tailplane with no clecos and all riveted, de burred and treated with waxoyl and etch primed

January plans ….

With the ‘back end’ coming together .. its time to start looking at oher areas …. The next logical part is the cockpit area … this will mean sequencing the two joysticks and their connecting rod mechanism, the rudder pedals (front and rear) footrests and then seat rails. The Throttle levers also go in around now so it going to b a busy and productive few weeks ! 


Pictures to follow a I get thee stages underway …..

2013 – Start on Elevators

Probably the last of the ‘heavy’ metalwork ! … Mark out the ribs for cutting

Marking elevator ribs

then test fit the elevator horn to make sure it looks like it will line up correctly. This needs to be removed and the flange holes  drilled out before bolting the two flanges in place. The stubs of the elevator leading edge will fit into these

Elevator horn

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