Evening work – New front screen and oil filter

Loads of strip lights in the barn make it very easy to get the old oil filter off and a new one part filled and tightened up against the TOCA unit.

Then don’t forget to wire lock the drain plug and tie off

Then remove the 8 or so very small polished hex bolts and nylocs from the front screen… the one that I very carefully cleaned with brake cleaner !

The old screen was out in around 15 minutes so a quick clean up of the area and then e move some of the protective covering on the new screen before drilling the pilot holes.

Love using clecos … such a simple and useful tool

Using a narrow metal rule to prevent the drill overrun going through the cockpit coving … like it did 6 years ago ! Rookie error 😊

Front screen removed

Bolts out … screen just lifts out…amazing when the new one is in … so clear it’s like nothing is there !

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