Evening work – New front screen and oil filter

Loads of strip lights in the barn make it very easy to get the old oil filter off and a new one part filled and tightened up against the TOCA unit.

Then don’t forget to wire lock the drain plug and tie off

Then remove the 8 or so very small polished hex bolts and nylocs from the front screen… the one that I very carefully cleaned with brake cleaner !

The old screen was out in around 15 minutes so a quick clean up of the area and then e move some of the protective covering on the new screen before drilling the pilot holes.

Love using clecos … such a simple and useful tool

Using a narrow metal rule to prevent the drill overrun going through the cockpit coving … like it did 6 years ago ! Rookie error 😊

Front screen removed

Bolts out … screen just lifts out…amazing when the new one is in … so clear it’s like nothing is there !

2 thoughts on “Evening work – New front screen and oil filter

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  1. Hi David, your comment on rookie errors made me chuckle, about 30 years ago, I was bleeding the brakes on my mini, and to make it quick and easy I had jacked it up and removed the wheels, front left wheel was the last one on, tightened finger tight, ready to torque, got a phone call, ten minutes later, hops in the car to head home, going down the avenue towards Bel Royal, I started laughing out loud as I saw a wheel bouncing along the empty car park, only to immediately notice my nose dropping, nipped into the car park via the exit, the errant wheel was secured back on by removing one wheel nut from each of the other three wheels. Talking of brake cleaner, I was welding on the St Brelades Battle of Flowers float, and my sleeve caught fire, no problem I thought, as I keep a spray bottle full of water on top of the welder, only to discover that somebody had taken it, and left a spray bottle of brake cleaner on my welder instead, one Burning Man impression, which included a very impressive imitation of self flagellation whilst having a full blown heart attack later, which wasn’t helped by everyone convulsing in fits of laughter at the time by the way. Nowadays, I write impressive to do lists, before grabbing my Birmingham. screwdriver (Hammer), and attacking said project, however, my imbecility levels are still very impressive, surpassed only by my Super Hero survivability levels, which makes mincemeat of Darwin’s theory of evolution. At the end of it, we learn by our mistakes, I suppose the trick is, that we learn by other’s mistakes first. Keep well. Kind Regards Nigel

  2. Many thanks for taking the time to read AND feedback Nigel … it seems brake cleaner gets everywhere ! … self flagellation and concurrent heart attack should have won the Prix D’Honeur ! … well in the ‘self flagllation-heart attack’ category 😊😊🤣
    I totally agree we learn by our and (hopefully) others mistakes ….
    Was just reading last month of the massively experienced and talented pilot in the US .. who took off with his elevator control lock in place … very sad …

    I’ve written a small flip over checklist for the Ranger … there are literally hundreds of pre flight checks you do ‘without thinking’ … NEED to use lists more … I like lists … but then that has t left ,e since my trainspotting days 🤣
    Cheers Nigel ..have a great day Sir

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