3rd smoke test 500th post on the blog ;)

Thanks to Sarah Harman and George Gaudin for ground shots from a 3rd smoke test today

It sort of says OK and the second (almost) circle .. was a practice to then draw line through ! .. OK maybe back to reception class … i am flying right handed .. instead of left as usual … ha ha

And thank you Martin Fallaize for the shot from the boat

Liberation Day 2020 –

Trying a different camera mounting … on the helmet … didn’t realise just how much I moved my head around … especially in the circuit .. prob best !

Startup and Take off

Harbour to Bouley Bay

North Coast to L’Etacq

L’Etacq to landing

Hanger Rash

As with .any aircraft you get ‘hanger rash.. the odd little dink here and mark there… some just washes out some might need polish and some more

The secondary cowl was painted using a matt black spray .. which incidentally heats up hugely in sunshine … over the year I have used it about 1/3 of the time.. opting to use the main gloss painted cowl normally

When not in use it sits in the back of the hanger and sometimes gets blown by various prop wash if the doors are left open

So .. a year or so on .. I re touched the matt black up

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