Liberation Day 2020 –

Trying a different camera mounting … on the helmet … didn’t realise just how much I moved my head around … especially in the circuit .. prob best !

Startup and Take off

Harbour to Bouley Bay

North Coast to L’Etacq

L’Etacq to landing

2 thoughts on “Liberation Day 2020 –

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  1. Hi David
    Excellent viewpoint, any chance of audio in future videos, would love to hear the comms.
    Have a great time flying while you can.
    Kind Regards

  2. Hi Nigel
    Funny you should say that .. I was hoping the helmet mounted go pro would do just that … you could hear the bit just before engine start .. then it had some sort of auto cut off ! I am going to check the options which might have been changed at some stage… but … I have what I used to call my ‘black box’ from about 25 years ago … its a 4 way com box which has an audio out jack

    I first tried it on a flight to Dinard … listening back you hear just how your communication is … a real help in early days to remove the hesitations and get them sharp and succinct

    I will dig that out as it will probably get rid of most of the wind noise … thanks for the feedback.. REALLY appreciated


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