Invasion Marking go on wing 3 !

Wing 3 just about complete … just adding the taped off glued area for the re enforcing strips then its just Leading and Trailing edge.


Wing 4 – Port lower … has had the final smoothing of the wing step completed and pre glued. Also underside material in place and glue drying for next session.

Weekend away (arggggh) in UK but back to finishing last wing Tuesday/Wednesday


Wing 3 – almost complete – just the re enforcing tapes to go and Leading edge

Run out of hot melt glue now as its been impounded by Jersey Customs after Fedex took 3 days to advise me it was actually on island .. how does anyone do anything actually important and time critical in a far flung colony ??!!


Anyway, moan over, cracked on with wing 3 and pretty much finished late last night, probably the best pre tensioned Oratex to date .. by wing 6 I will be an expert ha ha

Texted Paul at TLAC to check if I should glue the material and full step … definitely !

IMG_0843  IMG_0846


IMG_0847  IMG_0848

Hope I am cutting into the correct panel for the metal covers !

IMG_0849  Oh Yes, it’s the correct one 🙂

IMG_0850 IMG_0851
IMG_0852  IMG_0853

Wing sharing space with two of the sons offroad and track motorbikes !

Inspection panels

Before you seal the wing by adding the top layer – don’t forget to position any inspection rings required … I have had the alloy discs that cover these pre painted cub yellow..

IMG_0836   IMG_0837

As well as positioning these for aileron adjustments I am considering adding a couple to the front fuselage section to allow access to rear firewall bits.

Finer detail of finishing

Worth taking the time and trouble now to get the finer detail as you would like others to see it as well !

IMG_0832  IMG_0831


Using the 1″ wide pinked edge not only over the rib caps but also over the edge of the open areas that will have access panels over the top.

And preparing for the final top covering of wing 1


Tape applied to provide a thin 1/4″ strip of glue on each rib cap … REMEMBER to take the tape  off as soon as the glue has been applied to save it sticking to the wing !


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