Wing 3 – almost complete – just the re enforcing tapes to go and Leading edge

Run out of hot melt glue now as its been impounded by Jersey Customs after Fedex took 3 days to advise me it was actually on island .. how does anyone do anything actually important and time critical in a far flung colony ??!!


Anyway, moan over, cracked on with wing 3 and pretty much finished late last night, probably the best pre tensioned Oratex to date .. by wing 6 I will be an expert ha ha

Texted Paul at TLAC to check if I should glue the material and full step … definitely !

IMG_0843  IMG_0846


IMG_0847  IMG_0848

Hope I am cutting into the correct panel for the metal covers !

IMG_0849  Oh Yes, it’s the correct one 🙂

IMG_0850 IMG_0851
IMG_0852  IMG_0853

Wing sharing space with two of the sons offroad and track motorbikes !

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