Proper wiring

Downloaded a couple of PDF’s from Google the other day .. “Top 10 Aircraft Wiring Mistakes (and how to avoid them)”and also “Aircraft Electrical Systems” a sort of picture book A B C of parts that you knew existing but were perhaps too afraid of looking a dummy to ask about !

Going to be some useful / light reading as I start the serious job of wiring up the engine

20150226_215928  20150226_215152

Going to have to work out how I run cables from the ‘front end’ of the engine (Oil Pressure, Oil Temp) past a set of 4 hot cylinders to the junction box. Suspect I need to wrap in heat proof cable shroud.

Aileron guides

The sunny weekend we had last weekend enabled me to get the Sherwood out and open the wings again. There is still some slight adjustment required on the top wing rigging which will have to be done soon.

The sunshine gave me the opportunity to get the aileron paxolin guides in place and then get them running smoothly with no metal to metal contact at all. Apparently, according to colleagues at work I am a bit of a saddo for actually recording the quietness of the aileron operation ! although WordPress won’t let me upload an MP4 !

20150215_135538  20150215_131952


Propellor Protection

Becks – who is currently working with me has offered to make me a propellor cover to protect my investment in those 4 lovely layers of beach crafted by Hercules !

She popped over and made up a pattern using tracing paper

20150215_140311  20150215_140358

The aim is to make a padded cover for each that will slip tightly over the widest parts of the blade

Mocked up padded sleeve

20150223_174110  20150223_174057

Covering ply plates

As well as adding some supporting 1/22 balsa cheeks in the upper cabane late last night, I started to prepare the backing / packing for the wing root ply landing plates. These will allow the material covering to form around these parts and have a good base to secure to.

20150222_203027  20150222_203032

I held off gluing in place as I could see that the alloy shroud on the main spar wing peg mount may well catch on this. So have made and tailored the parts in situ, drilling the holes to allow the joint bolt heads to poke through and then used masking tape to hold pending some decent weather to allow me to get the ‘plane outside and the wings out to check clearance.


Note the paint brushes I am keeping out now as I pass each part and start the big clear down of debris and swarf and dust ….

Stringer fit

Having now got the cowls as I want them I can secure the front end of the stringers inside the cheek cowls. I had been trying to work out how to get the drill into this tight space and even got a right anlge short chuck driver to help. In the end it was far simpler to simply remove the front 3 dowel pins from the stringers, carefully spring them out and drill the premarked location for the angled brackets I had made.

These had also been pre drilled for the rivet that would go through the cheek.

20150222_230131  20150222_231420

Simple job in the end. Its funny how some jobs make it feel so much closer to finish … riveting little bits like this are one of those !

This weekend … covering landing plates

Have being trying to source the right glue and think I have it now so going to get the ply landing plates (these are used around key areas of the tailplane, wing mounting joints and elevator shafts) and are balsa block backed and glued to the airframe to provide a supported angled plane for the material to stick to.

If it’s not too cold (for the glue !) I will get these fitted this weekend, although have to de-rig and remove the tailplane first.

Also, start some home prep wiring for the regulator plug that I have now received

Midweek update – visitors

Had some new visitors this week – Andrew Renouf and a colleague who were very keen to see the aircraft ‘uncovered’. Andrew saw the Sherwood at the recent talk I gave at the Jersey Aero Club.

Had some nice compliments on the rivet alignment .. which is always nice .. you never know whether people are just in awe or are being polite ! a bit of a wide range of emotions … but its good people take a genuine interest and it does help boost you on a very cold night of 3 degrees in a dark barn in the depths of the Jersey countryside !

Final clecos out on Firewall

With the top and bottom cowl largely in place and just some fine trimming around the edges its time to remove the clecos that have been securing the stainless firewall to the top decking and side cheeks

20150215_200831  20150215_200856


20150215_202157  20150215_202203

Note washers are used where the alloy 3.2mm rivets pull against the fibreglass top decking.


Initial weigh

As part of the final gaggle of tasks .. one is to weigh the aircraft and then start applying the formula that my Dad kindly etched out to review the expected balance point and, therefore, the subsequent ballast required.

Although this is a little premature (not all objects are on the aircrat yet – although its largely very near all up weight) its worth walking through the process.



So it looks like 25kg on the tailwheel and 85kg on each of the mains .. so all up currently is 195kg.

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