50 Shades of Brown !

A small (time based) funny …..

My wife has popped over to the UK this weekend to visit her family (as its half term and she is a teacher) … I popped into the local hardware store in Jersey and got my two rolls of Black tape and visited my screw/bolt man to get 20 Bolts and locknuts and washers for my weekend of fun in the barn …..

Then realised that my actions may just be misconstrued …… with all the B&Q staff being briefed on what to watch out for as various people start watching a certain film (out on the 14th February) and then equally visiting their local hardware store to pick up various goods and appliances that they may wish to share the use of …… ha ha ….

Happy weekend everyone ….

Throttle connection

Got the throttle extender arm delivered yesterday (a snip at just over £48 !) ouch …. but as I hope to be using it on a regular basis ! certainly worth having .. will fit it this weekend to complete that part of the engine connect.

throttle extension arm

Also ordered a full service set (ready for the first service) all bits on it are unused at the moment… so now have 2 rotor arms, 2 distributor caps, 8 spark plugs and a new inline fuel filter.

New steel braided fuel tubing with slightly larger internal bore on order so hope that arrives by the weekend.

Oil cooler intake

Workd on the fitting of the oil cooler intake in readiness for getting this set ahead of any planned engine run.

The aim, I believe, is to get it stuck well and truly into the airflow and get a funnel effect going so that it has a form of ram air cooling.

20150209_221118  20150209_221110


This fitting will let me mount the cooler upright .. put the oil pipes down vertically into the top (so you dont get air locks) and still keep it reasonably accessible

Update 20 Feb –

Now etched and brackets trimmed a little. This will be bolted on vs riveted on in case I need to remove the entire arrangement.

20150218_234311  20150218_234325

Late night humour – Thomas the Tank Engine

Having got the first fit of upper and lower cowls .. just leaves a bit of fine tuning to round out any square cut edges so I dont get age fractures at any ‘hard’ corners.

Got a presentation at the Jersey Aero Club tomorrow night so needs to look her best !


Reminds me so much of Thomas the Tank engine characters .. that startled look

Finished new top cowl

Late night last night and finally finished the top cowl …

20150204_221526  20150204_221515


20150204_221600  20150204_221506

Big relief not to have cocked this one up !! Still, only 3 bits had to be replaced .. two tubes at around £3 each and this 🙂

Can start to finish off and fill any marks, rub down and then plan to get top painted Drab Olive Green

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