Interplane struts

The upper wing is supported by interplane struts, one on each side. These are made up ONLY when you have the top wings in place and correctly set for dihedral and sweep and incidence (so no pressure here then !!!)

First thing – ahead of time – is to treat the pipework internally (as I have with all pipework) with Waxoyl to prevent rust etc

Strut tube treatment

What a messy job this is – hey – but like those pretty gloves ! This will all dry off before I get close to in situ build and assembly.

Managed to lose some doubler plates though, must have taken them home to file, emery and etch prime and then bring back .. cant locate them anywhere so I have asked Ivor if he can send me some more in the next box.

Engine Focus

March will bring a bit of focus on the sharp end ! Now I have moved the body at an angle I can actually get at it !

The first thing to look at was the cooling cuts supplied in the big box that had the engine in. The large fins on this particular Jabiru 2200 model mean that the cooling should be much better – but if you read all the articles about overheated Jabs you really need to pay attention to the planing.

Engine cowl

The ducts are pre-formed and fit quite snugly with the plug lead access surrounded by rubber to prevent chafing (havent pushed the plug leads fully home in the picture below – but lined up to see how tight it will be). Also, prat factor, have labelled all the plug leads so I dont end up with cross overs !

Enghine cowl baffle

The front view of the shroud shows the small dam that deflects the air down over the back of the rear cylinders rather than just simply hitting the firewall and dissipating I presume (a sort of ram effect as per the front end). The engine also came with rubber strips that will be glued around the front of these shrouds and so seal the joint between shround and top cowling intake holes (yet to be cut !)

Cowlings, Ailerons, Cabane and space

With so many bits going on all around the aircraft at the moment its proving tricky to place her in the best position so that I can work on it easily

  • Cabane is being worked on off the body – so much easier – final ply plates needed to make up landing planes
  • Ailerons still going in – both lower sets in, wind webbed and hinged – still need to cut out ingress to cater for pushrod free play
  • Top wings being webbed for aileron (1 to go !) and then hinged up
  • 4th and last aileron top ply glued and awaiting aerolite to curve and fit
  • Cowls being marked up

Moved the ‘plane at an angle in the barn so that wings still pretty much line up but I can get to engine and nose. Marked up the centre line of the top deck – need to check exactly how this fits to top longerons.

Paul has provided ‘sense check’ instructions for cowl alignment and fitting – so good re-read on ski holiday next week

Full width shot

One disadvantage of living on an island ….

Getting various parts has proved an ongoing battle whilst living on this small 9 x 5 mile piece of rock …

Ignoring the fact that it is the only place on the planet I know where you can actually have gale force fog ! (doesnt have the decency to blow it away on your approach !) it is invariably BKN at 500 with an acceptable IMC approach into it only allowed at 600 !

Anyway …. the other problem is getting supplies…

Take the Aerolite that I have now officially run out of.. just as I get to complete aileron no 4 … Rather than bother a busy TLAC I thought I would get it online… a few suppliers are available so I select one which sells it at around £10 or so … The order duly placed and confirmation received I wait … and wait …. and wait … after 3 weeks (we have had problems with boats due to very high seas) I chase. They eventually track it down and tell me that although I got a confirmation, the online system has trapped it as ‘dangerous goods’ and so wont send to the Channel Islands ! Good online notification eh ….

Next one, a couple of weeks ago was trying to get Duralac (to seal all those nickel rivets and aileron hinge mounts). It is occasionally stocked locally at ship merchants but out of stock and dont know when they are re-ordering. So again, online, select a supplier – around £7 .. bargain …. only to ‘fail’ at the online shipping costs … do I hear £10 shipping, no .. ok .. £15 …. that would be steep but I do need the stuff … How about £53 !! perhaps they book an EasyJet from Southend and bring it personally to my door ……

Thank goodness we have TLAC with Ivor and Paul !

Cabane gussets

The cabane gussets are a bit tricky as all the wood slopes around this area. Got them aerolited in place and securely clamped. The sanded the leading and trailing edges to ensure the final material covering doesn’t bump up



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