Engine Focus

March will bring a bit of focus on the sharp end ! Now I have moved the body at an angle I can actually get at it !

The first thing to look at was the cooling cuts supplied in the big box that had the engine in. The large fins on this particular Jabiru 2200 model mean that the cooling should be much better – but if you read all the articles about overheated Jabs you really need to pay attention to the planing.

Engine cowl

The ducts are pre-formed and fit quite snugly with the plug lead access surrounded by rubber to prevent chafing (havent pushed the plug leads fully home in the picture below – but lined up to see how tight it will be). Also, prat factor, have labelled all the plug leads so I dont end up with cross overs !

Enghine cowl baffle

The front view of the shroud shows the small dam that deflects the air down over the back of the rear cylinders rather than just simply hitting the firewall and dissipating I presume (a sort of ram effect as per the front end). The engine also came with rubber strips that will be glued around the front of these shrouds and so seal the joint between shround and top cowling intake holes (yet to be cut !)

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