Cowlings, Ailerons, Cabane and space

With so many bits going on all around the aircraft at the moment its proving tricky to place her in the best position so that I can work on it easily

  • Cabane is being worked on off the body – so much easier – final ply plates needed to make up landing planes
  • Ailerons still going in – both lower sets in, wind webbed and hinged – still need to cut out ingress to cater for pushrod free play
  • Top wings being webbed for aileron (1 to go !) and then hinged up
  • 4th and last aileron top ply glued and awaiting aerolite to curve and fit
  • Cowls being marked up

Moved the ‘plane at an angle in the barn so that wings still pretty much line up but I can get to engine and nose. Marked up the centre line of the top deck – need to check exactly how this fits to top longerons.

Paul has provided ‘sense check’ instructions for cowl alignment and fitting – so good re-read on ski holiday next week

Full width shot

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