One disadvantage of living on an island ….

Getting various parts has proved an ongoing battle whilst living on this small 9 x 5 mile piece of rock …

Ignoring the fact that it is the only place on the planet I know where you can actually have gale force fog ! (doesnt have the decency to blow it away on your approach !) it is invariably BKN at 500 with an acceptable IMC approach into it only allowed at 600 !

Anyway …. the other problem is getting supplies…

Take the Aerolite that I have now officially run out of.. just as I get to complete aileron no 4 … Rather than bother a busy TLAC I thought I would get it online… a few suppliers are available so I select one which sells it at around £10 or so … The order duly placed and confirmation received I wait … and wait …. and wait … after 3 weeks (we have had problems with boats due to very high seas) I chase. They eventually track it down and tell me that although I got a confirmation, the online system has trapped it as ‘dangerous goods’ and so wont send to the Channel Islands ! Good online notification eh ….

Next one, a couple of weeks ago was trying to get Duralac (to seal all those nickel rivets and aileron hinge mounts). It is occasionally stocked locally at ship merchants but out of stock and dont know when they are re-ordering. So again, online, select a supplier – around £7 .. bargain …. only to ‘fail’ at the online shipping costs … do I hear £10 shipping, no .. ok .. £15 …. that would be steep but I do need the stuff … How about £53 !! perhaps they book an EasyJet from Southend and bring it personally to my door ……

Thank goodness we have TLAC with Ivor and Paul !

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