Jersey 75 Years Liberation

The 9th May marks 75 years since Jersey was liberated following the occupation in the war.

Sadly it seems that celebrations will be very much curtailed due to virus worries and social distancing but I’m sure something will be planned by the Bailiff post release

In the meantime, a slight addition to my previous ‘commemorative cowling’ which I want to use, post lockdown, on my flight through France to Cherbourg, Caen, Deauville and Abbeville …

I had to scale up the image to get a suitable size and then split the numbers across the curve of the cowl .. a bit of edge tidying still to do ..

A sunny 17 mins to clouds

A short excerpt from quick take off to clouds ….

once on the runway and the throttle opened .. the tail is up in seconds .. then off the main gear in a few more seconds ..

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