Cabane refit

Reached the point where I can now refit the top cabane. This was a pretty heavy evening – with careful alignment of the holes put to the test as the cabane supports fed back through and slotted back into the existing fuselage framework.

Cabane1   Cabane2

Just the front two supports to seat back into their slots and then I can start to plan cable cross bracing and, eventually, top wings

Top Turtle Decking

Another thing I had been tentative about starting .. due to the ease of which you could very quickly mess up and nice piece of moulding !

Started off by drilling a test hole (using the clever guide marks that TLAC provide). Then dropping a thin plastic rod down to check centring in the receiving hole.

dECK 1  dECK 2


Then widen and slowly open up – as Paul says – its easy to take a small amount off each time than to re-add once removed !


Registration – G-SWAB

This long running saga with the new Channel Island registry – sort of thought it would be nice that a Jersey built aircraft could adopt a Jersey registration (the new ‘2’ prefix) .. but no .. too much for the CI authorities to cope with ….

Approached the CAA who did an amazing job – registered it in 24 hours ! Sit up and learn CI you took longer telling me why I couldn’t register it than the CAA did to actually do it  !!!

G-SWAB – Named after the family who have been putting up with my building mood swings from elation through doldrums … S (Sam), W (Will), A (Amanda) and B (Benjamin) .. also sort of nice as its Sherwood (SW)

Top Decking

Now time to get this positioned and in place for riveting.

The prep work is relatively easy as the rear end only needs a small amount of filing to let it sit mid longeron. There is a cross bar to be fitted in front cockpit between the diagonals and just checking with TLAC exactly what profile this is ie same as existing longerons ?

Decking 1

This makes up the rear support bracket of the front instrument panel.

The whole thing is cleco’d to start as I have some interesting elongated holes to cut to let the top cabane sit squarely.

Jabiru – Oil cooler

Following discussions I have elected to fit a Thermostatic Oil Cooler Adaptor (TOCA). This is a really neat unit that fits against the engine block and then, with an extended centre threaded spigot, allows the oil filter to be then mounted on the top face of the TOCA.


The advantage is that instead of cold oil being pushed around the whole system and out through the oil cooler matrix well before it reaches anything like warm temperature, a valve in the TOCA keeps the oil within the engine block until it reaches temp the opens the valve to let it flow through cooling matrix.


Slight problem with normal sized filter being tight to get in but working on that.

(Update 28 Jan 2019 – Saw someone looked at this old post so re-read it and wanted to add an update … getting the TOCA on with the oil filter can be a challenge .. don’t worry .. it DOES go on … i think it’s eassier to part screw the inner threaded sleeve into the new filter and then offer this up as a whole ..with the blue TOCA unit .. this helps you get the whole unit in next to the cylinder head)

I can now start to plan the pipe runs and more importantly which angle junction to use to ensure best / easiest run.

Also got to plan how and where I site the cooler itself. This will have to now wait the completion of the top deck and subsequent cowl fitting.

Aileron cabling – Bellcrank inwards

Started this the the other evening and made a small template of ply to make sure the 99 degree angle was maintained as the cables were made up.

Ail 2


The initial install showed that the cable fouled on the inner rib hole which was enlarged to ensure a good clear run.

ail 3

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