Flight test and LAA paperwork

Doing something different to the day job ….

Having spent a few days on Teams and QA bits and automation it’s the time to get out and do a full Test Flight Schedule … a 14 page document to be completed for the authorities after any ‘significant’ work … an engine refurbishment is classed as ‘significant’ …

so it’s powered, timed climbs, logging pressures and engine and exhaust temperatures and climb rates …

stalls .. ie basically closing the throttle and waiting for it to slow right down and stop flying ..3 of those …

then dive at full speed … then pull out (ideallly) … and put her sideways with crossed controls then let go of the aileron … do that both ways and log what happens … then setup for landing and put full power and climb away and then down to land

Now try all of that with a biro in your mouth whilst noting the facts and figures and effects … in an open cockpit …

All in a (exciting) days work 😊

Admission … flying takes a chunk of your brainpower as you focus on the various normal tasks …. Now add the slight overload of a flight test .. which raises the stakes a little …ie you have done ‘bits’ that, by their nature, need testing …. Then add the capture of all those measures like oil temp and press … CHT 1 and 2 and EGT 1 and 2 .. and ASI .. and cloud base of the extended climb … and lookout …. And omitted one thing …..

..so, was that Tibenham below … oops no … it’s Old Buckenham …. The drift at 3,500 was appreciably more than I’d planned … they probably wondered who his loon was stalling and diving and turning around !

One of the ‘new’ post flight jobs I’ve got to get used to now in the U.K. … is wiping the muddy bottom post landing 😊 a nice job ..after a lovely curving approach down to Priory grass ..

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  1. Yes that is way easier … the UK don’t really like you doing it… I could take my son in future as he is now building a Ranger at The Light Aircraft Company … so good to have along with detailed build knowledge

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