Screen Test Fit

First fit of the screens – leaving the protective covers on

20150301_145620  20150301_145610

They slot very neatly into the trimmed down fibreglass guides.

Teaching sons new toys !

Sam came along last night to help out – always useful having another pair of hands .. lifted the port side onto a block to allow the wheel to spin freely so that I would check the brakes. These were made nearly 2 years ago (being one of the first bits I did) and the pulling of the lever seemed fine and stopped the wheel spin at about half deflection.

I can now look at completing the cable run down through the leg from the heel kick bar.

Sam also found I had a two wheel grinder in the back of the workshop and was blown away by this ‘new toy’ … giggles and whoops of delight at this ‘..awesome tool …’ … he even managed to use it to sharpen my pencils AND make a moulded left handed pencil with smooth indents !! Kids eh …


In true Top Gear fashion .. I said he could forego the yellow Hi Viz but should put the goggles on 🙂

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