Polar Jersey – Painting

Just got her back from the great team of Polar Auto Refurb in Jersey. Particularly Aaron and Simon… very many thanks for the pre rub down pictures guys ….

IMG_0301  IMG_0300

IMG_0296  IMG_0297

IMG_0298 IMG_0299


IMG_0284  IMG_0286IMG_0283  IMG_0282

IMG_0287  IMG_0289

Can now get the seats back in and the full harenesses slotted through the bodywork.

Also start to finalise the dashboard panels ahead of taking her into CIAS for engine setup and test runs.

IMG_0290  IMG_0293

What every man should do first thing in the morning …

An hour of ironing … !!

My First foray into Oratex … first joint cover I was a bit enthusiastic (thanks for the steer Paul !) and covered a little too far down the tube.

IMG_0273  IMG_0274

Second attempt I left a little more to ‘get hold of’ and use to pull around as I ironed .. to be fair this is mentioned in the guide and the very good You Tube video.


Now I have applied a light second coat for the material overlap so that I can add the other side tonight 🙂

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