3rd smoke test 500th post on the blog ;)

Thanks to Sarah Harman and George Gaudin for ground shots from a 3rd smoke test today

It sort of says OK and the second (almost) circle .. was a practice to then draw line through ! .. OK maybe back to reception class … i am flying right handed .. instead of left as usual … ha ha

And thank you Martin Fallaize for the shot from the boat

Liberation Day 2020 –

Trying a different camera mounting … on the helmet … didn’t realise just how much I moved my head around … especially in the circuit .. prob best !

Startup and Take off

Harbour to Bouley Bay

North Coast to L’Etacq

L’Etacq to landing

Hanger Rash

As with .any aircraft you get ‘hanger rash.. the odd little dink here and mark there… some just washes out some might need polish and some more

The secondary cowl was painted using a matt black spray .. which incidentally heats up hugely in sunshine … over the year I have used it about 1/3 of the time.. opting to use the main gloss painted cowl normally

When not in use it sits in the back of the hanger and sometimes gets blown by various prop wash if the doors are left open

So .. a year or so on .. I re touched the matt black up

Jersey 75 Years Liberation

The 9th May marks 75 years since Jersey was liberated following the occupation in the war.

Sadly it seems that celebrations will be very much curtailed due to virus worries and social distancing but I’m sure something will be planned by the Bailiff post release

In the meantime, a slight addition to my previous ‘commemorative cowling’ which I want to use, post lockdown, on my flight through France to Cherbourg, Caen, Deauville and Abbeville …

I had to scale up the image to get a suitable size and then split the numbers across the curve of the cowl .. a bit of edge tidying still to do ..

A sunny 17 mins to clouds

A short excerpt from quick take off to clouds ….

once on the runway and the throttle opened .. the tail is up in seconds .. then off the main gear in a few more seconds ..

Always checking

Whilst cleaning the oil down and covering her up for the unknown time associated with Covid19 epidemic I noticed that a couple of the tail rigging wires didnt seem to have the twang they used to …

The construction has a really neat way of getting these just right in the tail .. using packing washers

You have 8 cables 2 each side top and 2 each side under providing a nice tight geometric taught support for the tail plane

Slight problem is .. there are no turnbuckle.. as this would not only weight but also drag ..

So you make each of the 8 wires to ‘exact’ length with thimble and crimps and use 2-3 washers to pack ..

Once in situ .. you hopefully have it all nice and rigid .. problem is that moving any 1 affects ALL in the setup .. beautifull engineering and geometry.. but a pain 😊

Anyway .. removing 1 washer from 2 and bingo .. the whole setup was making a nice ping noise again when flicked with a finger .. the acid test

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