Battery support

The TLAC battery support kit supplies all you need to build a neat little very secure battery container. It consists of a few pieces of pre cut pilot drilled alloy which, once folded together and riveted makes a nice tight fit for the battery.

This was my first use of solid rivets but pretty easy to use and quite neat.

IMG_0121  IMG_0122

IMG_0123  IMG_0124

I finished the unit off with etch prime then added some thin sticky back flashing material that would further prevent chafing.


The UP’s !

Well .. after my low … I managed to get a good long session last night at the barn …


Keith – the barn owner – was superb and helped me get the ‘plane out and completely cleaned down .. ladders, pressure hose jetting of all the little nooks and crannies and then a really good sweep down of the barn.

Then carried on with securing the front lower wood longerons that I had missed from the plan (thanks Danny B for advising !). I used a slightly thicker piece of wood so needed to get some longer rivets and make up the alloy brackets to fit snugly against the inside cheek of the cowl. These will be riveted once all set.


Then moved on to drill the panel positions for the headset sockets (front and rear). Stupidly made the first pairing too close, aesthetically it looked good on the panel BUT I should have realised that the rear fittings on these are relatively large and so should have had a slightly larger gap between them ! No probs, re-drilled and then filled the hole – extra weight saving eh with a drilled panel !!

Anyway, both pairs drilled and fitted. Just need a Trig unit now !

I also got some alloy strip 1m x 35mm x 2mm to act as my Ariel under mount. This will be fitted this week once I decide final resting place for the Ariel… feels likes it’s getting serious now 🙂

All the tail end paint, glue, iron and covering was delivered to my son at Williams yesterday .. just a couple of days too late for me to pick it up following my Oxford puppy pick up on Sunday ! ah well – best laid plans ….

Plan is to now ship this to our London office and I will fly it back next time I’m over. Future ones I may ship through to mainland France and then hop over there to get it. The wonders of living on an island !

This morning – pulled the pitot cable through the drag spar hole I had made.. presenting it forward of the wing joint.


Just checking with SmokinAirplanes to see if I can position the oil valve at the rear (so easy access behind P1 seat) running the oil pipe to the pump mounted at the bulkhead. Scott is great there as he usually gets back in under 24 hours.


The highs and LOWS

Went away for a week to France for a short break and although I sneaked a load of Sherwood stuff into the roof box I couldn’t get too much done without the workshop.

You have many highs building a ‘plane and I document all of these in the blog … you equally have quite a few lows but these don’t always get noted 🙂

Now, as we enter June, and I am well into the final stages of engine setup and pre covering prep I have hit a series of lows …

  • Getting a simple tin of paint to this island is beyond belief
  • Its easier to build a solar powered aircraft from scratch and fly it around the world
  • No one but no one will ship here
  • So we are left with crazy options to try and ship it to point ‘A’, then hope that the next time I fly across i can meet up with it and fly it back to point ‘B’
  • Then shippers move it a few hundred miles then stop for 3 days so plan A goes out of the window, now, worse, the good are going to point ‘A’ and you have no plans og going there in the near future. The frustrations are immeasurable !
  • Then you go to visit your beloved build after your week away and find that the barn roof seems to be being renovated and no one told you
  • You now have an aircraft that is covered in lichen, half an inch of rubbish from the old roof and inside all the controls and ailerons and body and ….. argggggghhhh
  • Getting trailer parts back from the UK has got held up in customs at both ends  … Saddam never had this trouble shipping his tubes from Teesside !!
  • Wrap is proving difficult now trying to source someone who can turn my photo’s into a film to re-apply post covering – I don’t want to give the option up …but ….

You can cope with the odd one of these, that’s just the nature of building .. but when they stack up and slow you down so so much …..

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