The highs and LOWS

Went away for a week to France for a short break and although I sneaked a load of Sherwood stuff into the roof box I couldn’t get too much done without the workshop.

You have many highs building a ‘plane and I document all of these in the blog … you equally have quite a few lows but these don’t always get noted 🙂

Now, as we enter June, and I am well into the final stages of engine setup and pre covering prep I have hit a series of lows …

  • Getting a simple tin of paint to this island is beyond belief
  • Its easier to build a solar powered aircraft from scratch and fly it around the world
  • No one but no one will ship here
  • So we are left with crazy options to try and ship it to point ‘A’, then hope that the next time I fly across i can meet up with it and fly it back to point ‘B’
  • Then shippers move it a few hundred miles then stop for 3 days so plan A goes out of the window, now, worse, the good are going to point ‘A’ and you have no plans og going there in the near future. The frustrations are immeasurable !
  • Then you go to visit your beloved build after your week away and find that the barn roof seems to be being renovated and no one told you
  • You now have an aircraft that is covered in lichen, half an inch of rubbish from the old roof and inside all the controls and ailerons and body and ….. argggggghhhh
  • Getting trailer parts back from the UK has got held up in customs at both ends  … Saddam never had this trouble shipping his tubes from Teesside !!
  • Wrap is proving difficult now trying to source someone who can turn my photo’s into a film to re-apply post covering – I don’t want to give the option up …but ….

You can cope with the odd one of these, that’s just the nature of building .. but when they stack up and slow you down so so much …..

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