Oil dip stick access

TLAC made a superb job of their oil access pop up on G-TLAC and I wasn’t convinced mine would look as neat and, having gone through the pain of over trimming one top cowl, I opted for a slightly different approach.

20150517_212127  20150517_212819


20150517_213104  20150517_213705

This involved drilling a pilot hole to check that I was directly over the top of the dip stick and then widen this to take account of the larger diameter alloy petrol cap.

20150517_214657  20150517_214708

The dremel came into its own as the hole was neatened to accept the fitting.

Although I knew the flat nature of the alloy cap would require a small amount of filler to make up the slope of the cowl it all turned out very well. The filler will be smoothed down to ensure a streamlined finish then paint with the top.

20150519_222125  20150519_231111

Made up a supporting alloy ring for the underside – The fitting comes with a cork ring but no metal backing as I guess it assumes you are fitting it to a car.




I now simply pull the flap, half turn and out pops the access. Simple and easy to get.

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