Scallop Leading Edge – start

When I visited the factory last month I met a fantastic builder called Alistair (I think that was his real name as everyone kept calling him moggy or something like that !) … He is building a Sherwood and has such fantastic detail to follow.

I noticed his wings, which were hanging up above the body had scalloped all the leading edge sheets between the ribs. This gives the material a better lie when covering rather than having an abrupt square/flat edge.

So, like Moggy, made a metal template and set to work on the lower starboard to see what it would look like.

Scallop le

Nice effect … be tricky to get the tops done without taking the wings back off …

Jury’s out …..

Having decided the Jury’s seem good size for supporting the wings I have removed them for painting. Opted for wood manufacture as its easier to get the parts out here .. ie normal 1″ dowel !

Removed all the brackets and sanded down before first coat of varnish/wood sealant. Then applied a first coat of Red ….

Jury red

Will now source a vertical Remove Before Flying sticker before spray varnishing the whole lot.

Pitot tubes prep

Due to the enforced stop on the wing strut support brackets I started to cut the pitot tubes. I had these bent by a local boating supplies shop. They had a natty little pipe bending tool which had a curved boss that you wound in with a socket set and simple .. no kinks just a neat bend.. we went slightly over the 90 degrees as the natural spring brought it back.

Pitot tubes

Now just need to cut an access hole for the tubing to route through, then pass through ribs lightening holes to trailing edge root before fitting to frame and passing to the rear of the P1 panel.

Too much haste ….

Yes, things do go wrong …. I was on a roll with the wing strut support brackets … get organised, lay out the tools, 4 support brackets to shape and prep and chamfer both ends, 8 doubler plates to do likewise, 8 saddle clamps to shape and finish….

strut tool prep

So started by waxoyling the inners of all 4 tubes (WT14), then triple measured the angle and cut all 4 the same…

Oops, came to finish the first lower one last night, all saddles and chamfers complete and sitting exactly as per plan (with the 2mm gap at the bottom spar connection).. then offered the top one up ….

wing strut tube cut error

As the top support strut sits at a slightly different angle the chamfer I had cut was too acute …. and you cant put metal back !

Yes, it could probably work as the doubler triangular brackets still pick up the large majority of the pipe … but it leaves a gap that is too large and I will ALWAYS know it is there !!

One of those ones you cant sleep on … emailed Ivor at TLAC and asked him to bill and ship two more tubes … they cost pence and the time to prep is very short .. just not worth even contemplating making do !

UPDATE: – Within 12 hours Ivor had emailed to say replacement parts were in the post – what a team ! Thanks …..

Last aileron centre horn support

Its a time for completion now ! … having focussed heavily on the wing bolts and alignment I am now in catch up to get all the other little bits completed and tidied up.

ail centre horn

We have a major air display over here in early September and I am hoping to show the Sherwood on static display – uncovered .. so want to get all the ailerons connected and completed (just aligning the return closed loop cable this week), all hinge points completed (last night) and then I can go for scalloping the leading edges (as per the model in Little Snoring). This will mean the material lies better.

Then, when all the woodwork bits have been completed I need to treat the wood with 10% thinned polyurethane to protect.


Wing strut supports

The wing struts (now in position) have rear mounted support brackets that brace against the short rear spar that the aileron bellcrank is mounted on.

Doubler 1  doubler 2

The doubler plates need to be cut down slightly so they don’t protrude beyond the centreline of the vertical strut, then curved to take the shape of the strut then finally hammered over the edge to curve it slightly to follow the contour smoothly

doubler 3

Then the triangular support plate is prepared and smoothed before being offered up and cleco’d

strut support aa  strut support a

Note the bracket requires a small bend inwards to pickup the support bracing bar (see above)

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