Too much haste ….

Yes, things do go wrong …. I was on a roll with the wing strut support brackets … get organised, lay out the tools, 4 support brackets to shape and prep and chamfer both ends, 8 doubler plates to do likewise, 8 saddle clamps to shape and finish….

strut tool prep

So started by waxoyling the inners of all 4 tubes (WT14), then triple measured the angle and cut all 4 the same…

Oops, came to finish the first lower one last night, all saddles and chamfers complete and sitting exactly as per plan (with the 2mm gap at the bottom spar connection).. then offered the top one up ….

wing strut tube cut error

As the top support strut sits at a slightly different angle the chamfer I had cut was too acute …. and you cant put metal back !

Yes, it could probably work as the doubler triangular brackets still pick up the large majority of the pipe … but it leaves a gap that is too large and I will ALWAYS know it is there !!

One of those ones you cant sleep on … emailed Ivor at TLAC and asked him to bill and ship two more tubes … they cost pence and the time to prep is very short .. just not worth even contemplating making do !

UPDATE: – Within 12 hours Ivor had emailed to say replacement parts were in the post – what a team ! Thanks …..

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