Jersey Aero Club – Helping Hands day – Saturday 4th October

Every year Jersey Aero club hold a charity day for children to come and visit the aero club and, wether permitting, get near to and fly in a local aircraft around the island. All the pilots give up their time and ‘planes to do this and its a great success and such a bit hit with the kids.

I promised to take the Sherwood along so they got a chance to see some real wood and metal close too and they certainly seemed to enjoy the ‘touchability’ of the whole experience !

Airport firecrew were on hand to retrieve her when the end gate was locked on the Sunday preventing me from getting out !

20141005_105840  20141004_151405


Yes, thats an Easyjet airbus in the background .. that s the sort of think I will e in the circuit with every day … let me see, wake turbulance gap of 6 miles between a 320 Airbus (Medium) and a Sherwood (Mightily light !)

Barn move and Pre Inspection updates

Carried on last night and finally vacated barn number 1 of nearly 2 yeasr worth of bits ! Trying to get organised in the new barn and plan to put wall mounted peg board to store all tools and bits.

Then, had no. 2 son on hand to help – Will.

He started checking all the rudder and elevator fittings to plan and spotted I had missed two small washers … the problem was they were on the back end of hinge supports (the top two) and although the nut end had a washer on , the head end didnt.

Because of the positioning – this meant the rudder had to come off. This came of pretty easily and we corrected my faux pas. My second tin of Duralac is getting a bit crustacious ! not sure I have much more need for more at this time.

20141002_204447   20141002_211714

With the ‘plane being out of the barn for 24 hours whilst the new barn concrete floor dries, working at night was a challenge but finished the washer repair/adds by 22:30

Fuel connection

The fuel connector I purchased has been temporarily strapped in to check length and ultimately fitting at each end. At one end (the Pilot) I need it securing and TLAC provide some parts to do this at the other end I need a clevis to form around the lever arm of the on/off valve.

On my last visit to TLAC I saw an amazing quality build going on and the neat little finishing touches are well worth cribbing here !

Instead of a fiddly securing bracket Alistair (I think that was his name – great guy !) had made a keyhole arrangemnet and slot to allow very positive On/Off valve control

20140705_110956   20140705_103253



Thinking ahead …..

As well as thinking ahead to a single order for engine parts I was thinking about the covering. I am pretty set on the colour scheme which I think will look good and work with the design. But, I have always felt it a shame to cover the work that has gone into this, the TLAC cut ribs, the brackets, the gussest, the work that went into making sure that one 25mm dia tube blended into another even at some odd angle. I could easily mount the rudder on the wall at home … it is such a beautiful design and classic shape !

So ….

Looking to blend old (design) and new (technology), I aim to get suitable phtos of the key parts, tailplane, elevator, fin, rudder, body, wing ribs … use the cub yellow of the Oratex I will be getting as a backdrop and then get that made into part ‘wraps’. These can then be layered on top of the Oratex to show through and provide a slighly skeletal (but secure) view of exactly the parts underneath !

May leave one side of the ‘plane ‘normal’ ie just covered but say the port side could have these partial ‘see through’ views applied. Will be speaking to a local ‘wrapper’ shortly. Watch this space.

Next inspection planning

Starting to knuckle down for the next inspection. Controls, wings, ailerons, body etc

So all thos temporary fittings of bolts, some had washers in place for alignment, some had nylocs, some castelated … now I need to re-check all plans and get the rights fitting, right number of washers, all in place for the inspection.

I have ordered some spares as I dont think a nyloc that has been on and off a few times is particularly good. And they will ALL be off again once I can think about covering.

Paint – Oratex

As I was in the UK I had a chance to bring back the paint that it is yet another item that is tricky to get shipped to the Channel Islands. I now have some Olive Green and Cub Yellow for completing the tips (green) and the top decking (Olive) and the cowls (top Olove, Bottom Yellow).

This means that I need to finish the wing tip brackets, all ply gussets in and treated with polyurethane, ready for making up alloy brackets. Gone for 3 top and 3 bottom on each top. This will mean they are quite quick to remove – secured by self tappers through to the alloy brackets.

It also means I need to complete the wood packing under the turtle deck to get that fully secured. I had almost completed the front cockpit cross bracing bar when my hacksaw slipped last week and managed to take the top off my index finger .. amazing how much blood these things deliver !!

Plan to gusset the alloy bracing bar in front with spare alloy gussets I have. Then finalise the bolting of the cross bracing bars so that the turtle deck can be finally riveted in place.

There is some cleaning up of excess epoxy that secured the windscreen mounting fillets in place before a final clean up and rub down in preparation for painting.

Started to cut the cowls but need to make up a nose block to ensure good alignment.

Leg back on

TLAC did a great job turning around my damaged leg and its now safely back in situ. I had made a temporary prosthetic leg out of 10mm square steel tube which forms a solid link between the centre brace and the axle. I will paint this red and keep to one side for any other time I need o work on the undercarriage.

One thing I have spotted is that the brakes (probably the first thing I made) arent actually working ! To be fair, they were manufactured some time ago and have not been used in anger (ever !).

I guess like most metals, the inner steel drum will have a surface of light rust and need cleaning down with brake cleaner. I will also take the opportunity, once jacked up with the wheel off, to re check all backplate fittings and tighten bolts and re-grease the spindles. Then get the brake biting at a suitable pull point on the bracket.

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