Jersey Aero Club – Helping Hands day – Saturday 4th October

Every year Jersey Aero club hold a charity day for children to come and visit the aero club and, wether permitting, get near to and fly in a local aircraft around the island. All the pilots give up their time and ‘planes to do this and its a great success and such a bit hit with the kids.

I promised to take the Sherwood along so they got a chance to see some real wood and metal close too and they certainly seemed to enjoy the ‘touchability’ of the whole experience !

Airport firecrew were on hand to retrieve her when the end gate was locked on the Sunday preventing me from getting out !

20141005_105840  20141004_151405


Yes, thats an Easyjet airbus in the background .. that s the sort of think I will e in the circuit with every day … let me see, wake turbulance gap of 6 miles between a 320 Airbus (Medium) and a Sherwood (Mightily light !)

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