Barn move and Pre Inspection updates

Carried on last night and finally vacated barn number 1 of nearly 2 yeasr worth of bits ! Trying to get organised in the new barn and plan to put wall mounted peg board to store all tools and bits.

Then, had no. 2 son on hand to help – Will.

He started checking all the rudder and elevator fittings to plan and spotted I had missed two small washers … the problem was they were on the back end of hinge supports (the top two) and although the nut end had a washer on , the head end didnt.

Because of the positioning – this meant the rudder had to come off. This came of pretty easily and we corrected my faux pas. My second tin of Duralac is getting a bit crustacious ! not sure I have much more need for more at this time.

20141002_204447   20141002_211714

With the ‘plane being out of the barn for 24 hours whilst the new barn concrete floor dries, working at night was a challenge but finished the washer repair/adds by 22:30

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