Leg back on

TLAC did a great job turning around my damaged leg and its now safely back in situ. I had made a temporary prosthetic leg out of 10mm square steel tube which forms a solid link between the centre brace and the axle. I will paint this red and keep to one side for any other time I need o work on the undercarriage.

One thing I have spotted is that the brakes (probably the first thing I made) arent actually working ! To be fair, they were manufactured some time ago and have not been used in anger (ever !).

I guess like most metals, the inner steel drum will have a surface of light rust and need cleaning down with brake cleaner. I will also take the opportunity, once jacked up with the wheel off, to re check all backplate fittings and tighten bolts and re-grease the spindles. Then get the brake biting at a suitable pull point on the bracket.

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