Paint – Oratex

As I was in the UK I had a chance to bring back the paint that it is yet another item that is tricky to get shipped to the Channel Islands. I now have some Olive Green and Cub Yellow for completing the tips (green) and the top decking (Olive) and the cowls (top Olove, Bottom Yellow).

This means that I need to finish the wing tip brackets, all ply gussets in and treated with polyurethane, ready for making up alloy brackets. Gone for 3 top and 3 bottom on each top. This will mean they are quite quick to remove – secured by self tappers through to the alloy brackets.

It also means I need to complete the wood packing under the turtle deck to get that fully secured. I had almost completed the front cockpit cross bracing bar when my hacksaw slipped last week and managed to take the top off my index finger .. amazing how much blood these things deliver !!

Plan to gusset the alloy bracing bar in front with spare alloy gussets I have. Then finalise the bolting of the cross bracing bars so that the turtle deck can be finally riveted in place.

There is some cleaning up of excess epoxy that secured the windscreen mounting fillets in place before a final clean up and rub down in preparation for painting.

Started to cut the cowls but need to make up a nose block to ensure good alignment.

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