Wing pin – supports

I made  a start on these a few weeks ago but then ran out of time to finish due to Air Show preparation.

The aim is to produce 4 wing pin support brackets to support the longer alloy tube guide.  I prepared one of these I created a short length of alloy tube to allow me to line up the exact position. Unfortunately the shorter stem allowed for some movement which, extrapolated up, mean that I had drilled the hole about 2mm out. This left the wing pin impeding the leading edge and so was no good.  A quick email to Ivor at TLAC and a replacement is in the post along with a  replacement aileron turnbuckle (I managed to cross thread one on the 3rd de-rigging).


Now I have a better more reliable method of aligning holes and have done 2 of these brackets now.

wing bolt

Just need to insert the right angle steel handles so checking with Mike the best way of doing this into the alloy tube. Then I can trim to length and plan to wrap the alloy wing root fairing around.

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