UK Trip – Amazing Duxford

Had a suddenly planned trip over to visit my very ill mother and take my Dad out for a well earned break. Try to visit Duxford at least every two years … what a simply amazing place .. been 20+ times but it never ceases to amaze.

(I can also admit to crashing a Spitfire here – a Mark 1a … turned to sharply on approach and tip stalled .. ok .. it was a Brian Taylor model ! – from my time when I was a member of the South Cambridgeshire Model club who flew at Duxford)

20140920_124908 20140920_124649

Notice the Mustang is in my planned colours of Yellow and Olive Green !

Look at the joints holding this fin on above


Nice 3 point cable support on cross wired Gladiator (I think ?)

20140920_124143 20140920_130030

Above – Steel braced with turnbuckles – makes it easier than washer packing !

Above – Just like the Chipmunk I used to fly ! G-APLO

20140920_125919 20140920_125605

Above – so miss flying the old Stampe – this looked quite sporty and forgot how raked the wings were

Jersey resident – Martin Willings Fennec in the background


Beautiful Puss Moth folding wings – with a 150 hp engine – swift !

20140920_125128 20140920_123553

Above – Mocked up gun my boys say should be on the Sherwood !

Above – Deck landing and 1″ dia bolts are all that support this folded wing !

20140920_123529 20140920_123748

Above – Sea Fury with all her bits around her … a bulkhead to die for


You look at the rivets on the Sea Fury and can just wonder on the skills of manufacture … the wiring and bracing on the early models .. the folding wing mechanisms and bolts holding hugely heavy wings .. post Sherwood, I never look at ANY engineering in the same light ! It really does open your eyes !

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