Thinking ahead …..

As well as thinking ahead to a single order for engine parts I was thinking about the covering. I am pretty set on the colour scheme which I think will look good and work with the design. But, I have always felt it a shame to cover the work that has gone into this, the TLAC cut ribs, the brackets, the gussest, the work that went into making sure that one 25mm dia tube blended into another even at some odd angle. I could easily mount the rudder on the wall at home … it is such a beautiful design and classic shape !

So ….

Looking to blend old (design) and new (technology), I aim to get suitable phtos of the key parts, tailplane, elevator, fin, rudder, body, wing ribs … use the cub yellow of the Oratex I will be getting as a backdrop and then get that made into part ‘wraps’. These can then be layered on top of the Oratex to show through and provide a slighly skeletal (but secure) view of exactly the parts underneath !

May leave one side of the ‘plane ‘normal’ ie just covered but say the port side could have these partial ‘see through’ views applied. Will be speaking to a local ‘wrapper’ shortly. Watch this space.

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