Tailwheel Prep

Got all the parts for the tailwheel out and prepared by etch priming all metal parts. I have been using a small hand aerosol etch prime (silver/grey) with a view to re etching the whole body with the kit supplied gold etch when all tail feathers and rudder are on.

Tailwheel parts are nicely formed and very strong. A few items require drilling out but ‘soft’ assembling lets you check your reading of the tech diagram so all parts are seated correctly and line up nicely.

As I have opted for the steerable tailwheel, I have some other parts in the kit to add on so seeking advice from Paul. The Stampe I used to have the pleasure of flying was my first use of a fully castoring tailwheel and was great when you got it right and buttock clenching when you got it wrong ! Remember once taxying downhill at Jersey with an Airbus 320 about 30 yards behind me …. the wind caught and I went for the brakes but caught one and it did a 180 so I ended up looking up at a grinning BA pilot ! So Steerable for the Sherwood will be a  bit more predictable when trying to park on busy fields in tight spaces !

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