Control Sticks

Once the Torque rod is in place you can complete the shaping of the Control sticks. These mount inside metal sided shrouds and run in bushes. The spades of the control rods run in the central slots you have shaped in the torque rod tube.

2 joysticks in place

You need to have a widened hole in the side of the torque tube aligned with a similar one in the shroud so that you can retrospectively fit the internal elevator control rod clevis pin.

I found the front elevator space welding slightly proud and catches slightly on full forward and full aft movements. Small filing – re etch prime and its fine.

Careful sequencing to align the aileron collar and control horn and then fit pilot joystick.. good experience for Sam to have a go at nickel rivets …

sam riveting horn aileron horn lower

aileon horn top view

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