Why is it taking so long !

The main question people ask when they see it is ..  “How long before its finished ?”

This is always a difficult question .. you are constantly having to learn new things and so estimating something that you have never done before is not a particularly exact science !

  • Riveting
  • Engine
  • Etching
  • Drilling Stainless Steel
  • Cabling
  • Covering
  • Wiring
  • Balancing

Also, if you are sensible, and pay attention to the small details .. you end up walking away from the barn with a satisfied feeling … although there have been times when that rivet that didnt sit flush … nags away at you and there is no alternative but to carefully remove it the next day and GET IT RIGHT !

The ‘Small stuff’ like rounding the corners of every sharp edged or square edged item by cutting, filing, then smoothing with emery which then removes the initial etch prime – so you have to touch up all takes time. But they jump out at you when they havent been done !

The project now has a number of concurrent strands running which means you can spread the interest/load and complexity. So if I hit a snag I am not stopped dead but can move on with other things. Current ‘strands’ are:

  • Engine – its in – but now needs air ducts, cabling, cooler shrouds, fuel lines, solenoid, regulator, RPM guages, Oil temp, Oil pressure etc
  • Stringers – the 2 long ones on each side are in and brackets being shaped – need to fit to front end, taper at rear. Belly stringers will be riveted in place once exhaust duct is filed smooth.
  • Controls – Torque rod done, sticks done, drilling clevis bolt for split pins, rear torque rod to complete
  • Bolts – all to tighten and paint mark – ready for Inspection
  • Ailerons – First (Lower Left) underway with rib location marked on spar, ready to tag glue then fibreglass

So lots of things running concurrently to keep me busy !

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