HIGHLIGHT – Elevator Intermediate Horn connected

Finally got around to working out the bushing and support for nthe rear intermediate elevator horn. A small 1/4″ washer is filed to provide an ‘internal’ facing chamfered edge to but against the industrial ball swivel. This allows the ball head a greater degree of movement rather than coming up agsinst the albeit very smaquare edge of a 1mm thin washer.

This meant I could trim the trailing intermediate rod – that is connected inside the torque tube to the rear (Pilot) joystick.  Once measured and checked 5 times in situ (DO NOT want to cut this one wrong !) then the whole torue tube, control joysticks and training connecting rod are removed from the aircraft to allow drilling and riveting of the end connector. Tube had all been pre coated internally with Waxoyl to prevent any internal rusting.

Once drilled and riveted the whole lot can go back in the ‘plane and a trial connection to the elevator intermediate horn..


FANTASTIC to see a stick pulled back move both sticks in unison (obviously !) and then the elevator horn move through the pre requisite angle and no catching ….

Just the cables now to the rear elevator horn .. remember they have turnbuckles AND crossover towards the tail to make sure Back on the stick equals UP elevator !!

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